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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

My young writer’s group meets on Tuesday afternoons. Technically I “lead” it, but as you can see from their writing, there is quite a bit of talent already there. One student’s work is featured here, and I added my little poem beneath hers. The theme was “falcons” if you couldn’t guess. (borrowed internet images)

This student will be known as “H.A. Frond” and writes The Knight.

The Knight by H.A. Frond/copyright 2010

The kingly falcon flies above

The whole sky as his realm

He reigns a tiger, not a dove,

Brave bird without a qualm

A veil lifted from his eyes,

Mighty bird takes flight

Wings his way unto the skies

A Deadly flying Knight.

With brightened eyes, keen and sharp

He searches for his prey

The beating of a tiny heart

The falcon’s favorite prey

The warrior beats his feathered wings

His shoulders roll and flex

His piercing cry like a clarion rings

His talons come unclenched.

He plummets like a thunderbolt

His wings blot out the sky

Hears every foal and every colt

The fearsome falcon cry

Hidden beneath green leafy fronds

An unsuspecting shrew

Drinks from a peaceful hidden pond

Unknowing of his doom

Then, like an arrow, straight and true,

Shot from a hunter’s bow,

the stern, quick knight comes from the blue

And opens every toe.

Quick as a flash the claws enfold

The lifeless body lies

In knightly talons made of steel

Taken to the skies

The spectacles by Jena Webber copyright 2010

Perfectly aligned with the prey on the ground

Charged a falcon at the speed of sound

Nothing could hold back this magnetic attraction

The mouse is the charge, the falcon the action

Swirling and diving toward the epicenter

of this hurricane of offense, talons at center

Down below, an unsuspecting mousy creeps

Collecting nuts and daisies, making little peeps

Look up little mousy! Poor little chap!

In his demise today? What a slap!

Just when all hope seems lost

Little mousy peers up, counting the cost

Thinking quickly, not assuming his demise

reaches into his satchel and seeming very wise

Pulls out his spectacles in full gleaming sunlight

blinded that old avian carnivore in full speedy flight

Instead of landing on his prey

he crashed into a rock instead

all the mice came out to celebrate

and to cut off his wicked head

To this day they have his talons

bronzed and hung up high

to warn potential attackers

that the mice here are not only spectacle-wearing

but very, very wise!


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