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Updated: Feb 24, 2020

First of all, I should have known when the sign said, “GUY SALE” on the side of the road. Still, I pulled in anyway. Mom, Emily and I were out garage sale-ing, when we passed the sign.

“Hey, Dad’s birthday is coming up. Should we go look?”

Why buy Dad anything new anyway? New is over-rated.

Mom and were the only women there. Every tool my mother picked up, she asked, “Now, what do you call this?” and “What does this do?” “And why are you selling this stuff?”

C’mon lady.. we just want to get rid of it…

“Oh, it’s my 90 year old father in law. He’s blind now, so he can’t make things anymore”

Us:”Oh, what is his name? How is he doing? Where does he live?”

Him: “He lives right here. He’s inside. His name is Ken..”

Us: “We want to meet him. Bring him out.”

So, blind little Ken comes out. He was adorable. He needed love. He didn’t look like a dirty old man.

Our next sale I was able to find this!

Well, it didn’t have lit charcoal in it when I picked it up. It was just sitting alone on someone’s yard, looking like it needed a new home. So, for $20.00, it found its way into the back of my mini van. I did a quick ebay search and found one exactly like it for $125.00, used. I have no idea what they cost new.

It’s called a “chiminea” and is supposed to be an outdoor fireplace. Even though it has a crack in it at the bottom, it worked just fine for us. I will probably buy a sealant for it. But the little stand that it sits on is pretty sturdy. So, on the way home with the chiminea in the back of the car, I stopped by Woodmans and bought hotdogs, buns, charcoal, lighter fluid, marshmallows, and everything for a cookout.

Somehow, the hotdogs did not get much photography, but these did.

When we were done with the marshmallows, I tried cooking a chicken in a cast iron pot! Fun!

Call me an “adobe woman” OK?


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