• Jena

Mrs. Beck’s pie plate

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Our hearts are sad, and your forgiveness we beg.

While you sat wondering long and far

A strum on the string of a sad guitar

Hummed a tune of great remorse

Your mother’s pie plate ran away on a horse

Never to be seen again by pie or berry

It’s absence was real; it was missed severely

Among the dust cobwebs of someone’s home

I’m up here! Rescue me please!

It called daily–among some moldy cheese.

Finally a silver gleam caught someone’s eye.

Is that Mrs. Beck’s pie plate? I hoped with a sigh.

Bring me home to mama! It called from the dust.

Bring me home to mama before I rust!

And down it came, funny rim and fancy fluting.

To serve its owner again and to do its duty-ing.


And yes, I am so organized that I can “loose” something in my home for 4 months or more. And of course, it was Mrs. Beck’s favorite pie plate, so you can imagine my great relief when it showed up this week. In the meantime, please please please if you are going to give us food for any reason give it to us in a cardboard box or a disposable container, since we are absolutely incapable of being entrusted with anything beyond our own underwear, thank you.


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