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My famous?? son, Hudson

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

And it’s the widest based “good ‘ole boy” club you’ll ever find. No color, race, religion, or any other requirements are needed except being a “yooper”. It’s like an instant “in” or “out” with whomever you are with. I rarely play the yooper card. People around here either don’t like it or don’t get it. Think hill-billies of the north.

So, what does this have to do with my son? Well, you know how my kids are doing this farm life thing of corn de-tassling this summer. I think they just completed day 8. And tomorrow they are back in the trenches again. So, last week on Friday, Hudson was wearing a distinctly yooper T-shirt. “GWINN Centennial 100th year anniversary” that I forced my kids to wear for a dorky picture in my parents’ back yard.

And this is a true story about the T-shirt. Every year I try to get my kids a T-shirt from someplace “exotic”. For example: Thailand, Montreal, Berlin, etc. And they cruise around wearing these cool T-shirts for a while. Well, one year, I either didn’t travel anywhere or couldn’t find a T-shirt, so I chose the Gwinn Centennial for this year’s T-shirt. Lame, I admit. What’s a mom to do? Gwinn has the population of 2,000 on a good year, and that is my blessed little home town. I could (and probably should) write an entire blog of Gwinn memories, but that is for a different time of my life.

So, Hudson… remember.. we’re talking about Hud in the corn field. So, Hudson is wearing his Gwinn Centennial T-shirt. The main boss of “Team Corn”, Tim calls Hudson over,

“James Webber, Come here” Hudson goes, since he knows that he gets he and Jamie mixed up.

And Hud is standing there with Tim and this other fella,

“You know that you look like Edmund from Narnia?”

(Hud is like.. you called me over for this?)

And then he says, “Where did you get the T-shirt?”

Hud told him about his mother being from Gwinn. And they had to know my maiden name and all that,

And this guy says, “I know your Mom, I knew her real good.”

(They even talk like Yoopers, too!)

Sure enough, Peter Bruce is a fella that I went to school with. Somehow his kids are helping with Team Corn and he is related to the boss, Tim.

Soon enough, Peter’s wife is taking pictures of Hud with their kids.

I’m not sure if it was because Hud looks like Edmund from Narnia or that he’s part-Yooper.

When he got on the bus after the day, his friends were asking him,

“Are you famous or something? Why are those people taking pictures of you?”

He probably just gave them his sheepish grin.

So, it’s all in a day’s work, being famous, that is.

And they don’t even know how well he plays the cello!

He plays it good. You betcha!

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