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My frequent, recurring dreams..

I woke up this morning thinking how crazy the inside of my brain is that I can only come up with about 3 or 4 different dreams that all repeat themselves in one way or another. I know you are just dying to know what I dream about, unless you are my mother who has already lived through this scene many times.. LOL

O.K. Dream #1) In the dream I am in college, around sophomore or junior year, and I’ve signed up for a pile of classes. In fact, I’ve signed up for so many classes that I can not remember my schedule. And of course there’s ONE class that I never made it to all semester (because I double booked my life into oblivion). And then the clincher of the dream happens when I finally realize that I have never attended the class, it’s too late in the semester to drop and, alas, I failed the class. I find myself begging professor of the class to drop me instead of screwing up my G.P.A…

Why this dream would never happen: I never missed any classes in college. I didn’t skip or goof around in college. nerd to the nth degree…

With that exciting dream, I’m sure you are waiting with bated breath for the rest of them..LOL.

Dream #2: Locker anxiety: Here again, I’m in high school or middle school and it’s after Christmas break. I have no idea where my locker is or what number it is. When I do find it, I can not find the combination for my life. I go to the office to ask for the combination again, and they write it down for me. I am so paranoid that I’ll forget it that I ask this pesky boy to memorize it for me. He agrees to do it but teases me unmercifully. I panic when he doesn’t show up between classes. I give up and refuse to lock the locker.

Why this would not happen: I just never forgot my combination or where my locker is. Pesky boy always teased me unmercifully, and I would have rather written it in the form of a tattoo rather than ask for his help.

Dream #3: This may be the only one that is noteworthy. When I grew up, my grandparents had a cottage on the Lake. It was so secluded that it was like a private paradise. I still to this day have dreams about it. It has a new owner now, but thankfully, he agrees to rent it out. I’ve been there a few times with the new owner, and it is even better than I remember. So, if you want to rent it, think of me when you are there. It is called: Anam Cara. You won’t be disappointed.

What do you dream about?


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