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My kitchen woes..

I can remember with fondness the days when every night, around the same time, our precious family actually ate dinner together.  I cooked even.. imagine. Now I am not sure what has happened.  I think there’s a demon lurking in my kitchen.  

It started with the dishwasher breaking.  I figured it was something electrical, since the lights on the circuit board were out.  That was Monday.  Now I know for some of you reading this, you may be thinking: big deal.  We have never had a dishwasher, and we do fine. 

 O.K. I’m happy for you.

But I AM NOT FINE WITHOUT A DISHWASHER!!  She said sweetly.  

So, I’ve been making a game out of it. 

 I remember our maids in Panama (who seem to be skeptical of dishwashers?) diligently hand washing all of the dishes.  I remember watching them and learning the fine art of hand washing.  So, I thought I would be Gloria for the day (minus the curler and the kerchief on my head) and just enjoy the process.  Actually, it was kind of fun.  Gloria didn’t habla ingles, so I’ll never knew if she enjoyed the process.  She did like boxed macaroni and cheese, though.

A few days later, the fun was wearing off, but  Hola! I set the timer for 33 minutes, and managed to really conquer the dish mountain again.  This time I managed to even make a few loaves of bread too.  Be still, my domestic heart.

So, I got the loaves in the oven, set the timer and left to teach pilates with E in tow.  When we arrived several hours later, I was greeted by the smell of freshly baked bread.  Wow, it’s  a wonder how that smell lingers… I thought.

Then I saw THEM.  Fully charred, dark brown loaves that had been sitting in a hot oven most of the morning.  The four intelligent children who were home did not think that the timer going off actually meant “take loaves out of oven, now”.  

I was crushed.  Now I have no desire to make more.  One batch per day.  But I had hopes for dinner.  I was making: chicken pot pie, which happens to be my family’s favorite meal.  So, I set to work on it.  The problem with me is: I do not use recipes very often.   O.K. let’s be honest–hardly at all.  Usually things turn out great, but last night it was: chicken pot soup pie.

To console myself, I made a nice pot of hot tea.  No kidding..Speaking of Panama,  I think I dredged the canal and put it in the tea pot.  It was awful, thick, dark tea.  Absolutely awful.  

So, no one ate bread, pot pie, or tea.  So, today I made scrambled eggs and they turned out fine. 

Hey, anybody want boxed macaroni for dinner?


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