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My mess is a desk..

Updated: Mar 16

I just got off the phone with my dear hubby. I could tell he was overwhelmed and hungry. I can’t do much about the hungry part, since he’s at work. But I could make him smile a little and encourage him to eat. (The men in this family need to be told to eat. It’s a strange situation, but that’s what we do here)

Anyway, I asked him, “So, what seems to be the main problem?”

He said, “My mess is a desk!” knowing that it would get me laughing.

And I said, “Oh yeah? Well, my mess is a house!”

So, we chuckled at our mutual state of overwhelm. I’m so glad that neither of us finds it our role in this life to “exhort” each other about this kind of stuff. Consequences are all either of us needs to get moving.

I told him I had two goals for today: get the laundry done and make dinner. What are the chances of these getting done?

And he said, “Are you going to the robotics open house tonight at 6:30? and Did you know you are signed up to make lunch for the robotics team tomorrow?”

On second thought, maybe I should just not make dinner. No! I think I’ll make it on principle. A family needs dinner, even if it’s 8:30 or 9:00 p.m.–which has been the dinner hour for most of the robotics season.

And then he adds, “I wasn’t really sure which of the piles of laundry on the floor of the bedroom were clean..”

I say, “That should be worked out by tonight, or I could go out and buy even MORE underwear..”

So, that’s the state of things here. The good news is that we have already:

blitzed the livingroom, part of the kitchen, and put two loads in the washer. The moose roast is out of the freezer, ready to go into the crockpot for our midnight family meal, and I’m even dressed! So, I’ll eat a little lunch and keep the laundry going. The robotics team will have to have Mostaccoli from Logli, though.

What about you guys? Anybody else ready to sandblast the house rather than clean it again?

Oh, but it looks so nice when you’re done. One more time.. One more time for Jesus.


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