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Nathanael turns 12/ interview with my 4th child

I’m going to have to interrupt my France tales to celebrate a child. Yes, the day we left for France, Nathanael turned 12. We made a cake and did some celebrating before we left, but I was not able to complete the very important yearly birthday interview!! So, I hope you will enjoy getting to know some obscure details of a true sweetheart–Nathanael!

Me: So, Nathanael, you were born in Panama, do you remember anything about stories we’ve told you about your birth?

Than: I was fairly big as a baby, that’s all I’ve heard.

Me: O.K. you were 9.5 pounds. Do you know how old you were when we moved to Minot, ND?

Than: I think I was about 8 or 9 months.

Me: O.K. you were 4 months. We moved there in February. So where were we living when you had your first memories?

Than: Wausau, WI. I have this memory of sleeping in Joanna’s bed and she was telling me a bedtime story (she was about 5 then) and she fell asleep in the middle of it. We were just going to Pizza Planet, and I wanted to know what happened next. She told the best stories.

I also remember at Christmas when I got this battery-operated hamster in a ball. It was a great toy.

Me: Do you remember dancing around with the vacuum attachments? (This was a 40 minute dance to the sound of the vacuum pumping air into the snow tubes. He made up these wild moves and just danced around..I think we were all so impressed that we videotaped it..)

Than: Yes, I do remember that. I took the vacuum attachments and connected them all and started dancing around. I think I was about 3 then.

Me: What was your first memory in this house in Rockford?

Than: I remember driving up to the Henderson’s house and staying there for the night before we moved in. I remember Daddy telling us everyone’s names as we were driving down the road to their house.

And I remember getting a Barney Banjo on the day we moved in, since it was my 4th birthday.

Me: So, now you are 12, what sorts of things do you do now?

Than: Play cello, draw, school, and read. And I like shooting the BB gun. I like seeing the finished product of anything. When I draw, drawing itself is OK, but I really like seeing the finished product.

Me: So, Than, you are the only one who seems to volunteer to help out in the garden. When Grandpa was here, you and he went down and weeded it, and you are always out there watering the new apple tree. Do you like gardening?

Than: I like seeing the fruit and vegetables it puts out. I like seeing the end product of the garden.

Me: What are your favorite things in the garden?

Than: carrots, most successful this year was probably the lettuce. The beets and radishes, and the zucchini did well also.

Me: What about the apple trees?

Than: I like the apple trees. I take care of them because they are there and it needs to be done.

Me: You also seem to like a clean, neat organized space. I saw you picking up the livingroom this morning without even been asked to do it. Any reason?

Than: Well,.. I don’t like it when people leave things out and don’t pick up after themselves.

If it’s out there, it’s in everyone’s way..

Me: Any thoughts about what you want to be?

Than: I’d like to be a lawyer, and a cellist, and a photographer ( on the side). I would also like to be a Dad some day. Except we would not use the word “blitz” at my house. I think we would call it “Clean up” not blitz. I’d like 7 or 8 kids.

Me: What is your spiritual life like? What does God mean to you?

Than: everything. God means everything to me. I enjoy Christian fellowship. So, when you meet another believer in Christ, you can be friends with them right away, and it’s like you’ve known them for years. I really like Gospel outreaches. I like sharing the Gospel with those who don’t know it.

Me: Do you read your Bible?

Than: Well, it’s like not every day now, but I need to get a new reading plan. It’s probably more like 5/7 days, and I usually read a couple of chapters each time.

I really like hymn sings, when we do it at someone’s house.

Me: What’s your favorite subject at school?

Than: history.

Me: Anything else you’d like to say to the blog world?

Than: Make sure what you’re living for is worth dying for..


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