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No, I’m not nervous about it…

So, it’s the night before I leave for my trip for France.

I’m sitting here, packed suitcase, packed travel bag, outfit laid out for tomorrow, passport and stuff in bag, and I’m trying to convince myself that I am not nervous about leaving my five precious children.

The kids. That’s it. I have a horrible time leaving them. The last time I left, I went to Thailand. I told my dear husband, Will, that if I do travel, I’m not going through all of this to just go stateside. And when I mean “all this”, I am talking about the anxiety of leaving the kids! So, I insist on going overseas or just stay home. So, that is why it’s been two and a half years since I’ve been on a trip without the kids. And let me tell ya! All the stars and planets have to be in alignment before the queen bee wants to leave the hive.

The first potential show stopper is finding a nanny to watch the kiddos. Even though my kids are 17, 15, 13, 12 and 4, they are not “free” in my mind to watch themselves. So, Linnea is coming to watch the kids. She is more than capable to do the job. She is the oldest child of a family of 8, and very “with it” as far as I can tell. Our whole church is volunteering to step in and help where needed. So, realistically, I should be relaxed.

The second show stopper is having Will go on a business trip that would be conducive to having me there! It’s hard to predict the necessity of business travel for a guy who travels because of “problems”. So, problems have to coordinate with training and other gestures of goodwill.. all of which I have never taken the time to really understand. It’s probably better that I don’t understand it. So, all of this requires him to go to Dijon for business over a two week period, which happens to have a four day holiday for them. So, then I get invited to go.

We are not wealthy people, nor are we world travelers by way of recreation. (Although I could easily be talked into it) Unless the Lord provides opportunities like this, we wouldn’t be going.

So, I give the Lord the thanks for aligning everything just right so we can do this. I give him the glory and trust him for safety all around for everyone involved.

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