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Now there’s a man who knows where to spend his money..

A man and his money are not soon parted, especially if the man is an engineer.  

Engineers. I love ’em. Yes, my DH is an engineer.  All my kids are engineer-wanna-be’s.  They are sensible. frugal. like numbers. order. and would be upset with this punctuation.   LOL.

Now, I never planned to be fitness teacher.  It sort of evolved.  One thing led to the next. A job at the Y, training in Chicago, etc. etc. Before you know it, I am teaching a group of engineers pilates

 ( PILL-LOT-TEEZE not PIE-LATES).  Anyway, I’m teaching this exercise class now to a group of engineers.  I have a bunch of guys and gals.  They come on their lunch hour to the workout room, and I try to kill them, and they love it. So, one of the guys is getting married soon.  He would like to treat his fiance to some personal training sessions for a birthday gift.   

All I can say is: what a dude! What a good way to spend your money–hiring a personal trainer.  I can’t think of less cluttery, more useful gift.  I wouldn’t mind a trainer myself.  

The good news is: I may have a great job coming up.

The bad news is: I have A LOT of reading and research to do before my first session.  Thankfully, I work under a very nice man who is very knowledgeable about the personal training industry and has loaned me the ultimate personal training manual.  

Who wudda thunk???? 

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