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Oh the joy of 17 year olds!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

So, it was my birthday (On Tuesday) and we were all sitting around the table eating Stouffers Lasagna. I know, I know… such nutrition, such elegance.. nevermind….

And my son, the 17 year old going on 37/ future pilot and smarter-than-you-mom, says to me:

“Hey, Mrs. Klaas is such a great teacher!”

(Mrs. Klaas is his U.S. Government teacher at Hallstrom. She also has some local political position.. yada yada yada)

Me: “Oh really! That’s great. I’m so glad you like her,”

Dumb son: “Yeah, she doesn’t teach at all like you, Mom. She is really good,”

Me: “What? How is she so different?”

Smart alec: “Well, you just read from the book. I’ve seen you do it.”

Me: “You mean when you walked by when I was teaching study skills? Some kid stole my book last week, and I just wanted to make sure I reviewed the highlights from the chapter. I didn’t sit there and read the whole hour..”

Kid: ” Well she doesn’t go around and around like you do. She’s so easy to follow and listen to..”

Me: “Oh, but can’t you think of anything good to say about my teaching? Other people’s kids who have had me for a teacher really like me, you know. Parents give me good feedback all of the time. Why is it that they like my teaching style and you don’t?”

nothing. no response. Other kids giggle..

Defensive Dad, “This has gone far enough.. You are being rude to your mother.. etc. etc. “

I think the bird is officially ready to leave the nest.

Here’s a kid that would ONLY learn from mommy. Even when Grandma Judy came to visit, he only wanted mommy for a teacher. Around the third grade, we had him attend Sunday school and do AWANA. In the fifth grade, we started with violin and gym and other people teaching him. By highschool, he had a full load of classes from other people. And now, his senior year, he actually prefers someone else teaching him.

So, this is probably what is meant to be, but still…

So, my husband consoles me (logically, like a good man should) and tells me

“Jamie is linear. He likes linear teachers. You are too circular for him.”

You know the funny thing? He’s right. Mrs. Klaas probably is a logical, linear teacher, and I love circling around the subject when I teach.

Jamie is basically saying three things:

1) He is ready to go off to college.

2) I have a different teaching style than the one he prefers.

3) Even though a lot of people like me as a teacher, he is too egocentric at this stage of his life to see the merit in it.

There. Exhale. I can go on now. Nobody stays 17 forever, you know. Who knows? Someday, I may get to help homeschool my grandkids, and THEY may like it.

Grandma’s rule.

I’m healed.

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