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One hot grandma

Let’s see. It starts like this. About once a month, our little chapel hosts a booth at the local flea market. Some of the other vendors have gotten to know us, even though we aren’t there very often. WH and I do the flea market without children, but yesterday I had little Emily with me, since she was feeling a little under the weather. Since “business” was slow, I took her for a little walk. I passed by a familiar vendor and greeted her.

She: “Oh, that’s so nice. You brought your grand-daughter with you”

Me: (dumbfounded and speechless for the first time in my life..)

“.. yeah.. you mean my daughter”

She: (embarrassed) ..”I’m so sorry…” (how do you recover from this?? )

So, I hobbled back to the table and greeted my sweetheart, feeling even more mature than when I started the walk.

He: “How did it go?”

Me: “Did you know I’m a grandmother?”

He: (laughing hysterically).. as I retold the story

He: “Well, that’s one hot grandma, then”

Me: “And don’t you forget it!”

So, this is what it feels like to be.. 40???

I feel like I’ve passed a milestone.. like.. finding my first grey hair.. or passing gas while laughing.. or just getting a subscription for the AARP. Pass the geritol. Where’s my ensure? And can I have my long-care insurance updated while we’re at this?



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