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One year to an Organized Life.

Updated: Mar 16

I am reading: One Year to an Organized Life by Regina Leeds. I checked it out from the library, in hopes of refreshing my mind and spirit about organizing.

And it worked! Will and I conquered the office on Monday. I can’t say how much of it was purely because of reading the book, but we did it.

About the book: Regina calls herself “the Zen Organizer”. Obviously, you all know that Zen stems from Buddhism. And, quite honestly, it’s all the rage to sound “Zen”. You might as just as well called yourself, “the cool Organizer from L.A.”. In reality, the book has very little to do with Buddhism or it’s beliefs. It has to do with common sense.

In other words, it is probably doubtful that a person grounded in the Word of God is going to convert to Zen, by purely reading this book. But I thought I should mention that, just because.

One of the reasons I like this book is that she takes a new look at the reasons behind disorganization. Each individual has his own hangups. So, what I might even call “Christian counseling techniques” she talks you through your “issues”. There are issues for each of us.

I like the idea that a lot of these are legitimate. It would be the “don’t feel guilty about it” approach. For example, she thought is was a HUGE thing to have two children and breastfeeding the baby for at least six months! (Uh.. how about four children and breastfeeding for over two years?) I suppose hardly anyone is L.A. breastfeeds, you know?

And sometimes the things that we are doing other than organizing are legitimate things, like having babies and all. So, the way to cope with this is not to beat yourself up over it. Make a plan and deal with it.

In my case, the office was an example of the evidence of a busy lifestyle. Both of us were too busy to give it daily/ weekly attention. It took both of us to recover it. Now that it’s clean and organized, my hubby wants to be down there, doing what needs to be done.

I know you want pictures, but I decided to not take photos. Some things in this life need to be private. I have such a peace about it, and it was the Lord who gave the victory! And he used a little book, written by a Zen lady.

This is what is currently working for me this Wednesday.


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