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Organized Everyday??

I like the hustle and bustle of a big busy life.  I don’t think everyone out there likes activities quite the way I do, and that’s a good thing.  For me, there is a really fine line between happy, busy meaningful activities and overwhelming busy-ness.  

I think, perchance, I may have just crossed that fine line this month.  Oh, don’t get worried.  I’m not giving up blogging, or homeschooling, or being a Mom/ wife or anything else.  I just thought I’d use this time to explore a few of the reasons why mommies get overwhelmed, since I have recent experience with it.  Perhaps, the Hawthorne effect will take over, and I’ll find myself feeling like I have a tad more control just by writing about it. Then again, with a blog name like “Organized Everyday”, someone out there might get the impression that I actually think of myself as organized everyday.  Maybe that wasn’t the best title for a blog.  Maybe it should have been:

“She would like to be organized everyday, but so far it hasn’t happened”   or

“She would like to be organized on any given day, but we’re still holding out for that option..

or here’s a good one:

“Writing about being organized is a whole lot easier than actually being organized, so let’s just do that”

It reminds me of a conversation Kathy B. and I had once.

Her: “Do you enjoy crafting?”

Me: “Sure!  It’s great fun.”

Her: “Doesn’t it get kind of messy?”

Me: “Yeah, especially when the kids do it.”

Her: “I think reading a book on crafting is a nice option for this stage of my life”

Me: “Yeah, I agree.  Reading a book on it would be a good idea.  Feel like I’ve been there, done that”

Her: “sounds good to me!”

Same with blogging.  

Are you actually organized?

No, I just like to write about it. 

Doesn’t that make you feel like… a fake?

No, only when I think about it like that.  On the days I’m making progress in something, I feel kind of glad I’m doing this.  

So, it’s O.K. to keep this blog up, even when you are a scatter-brain?

Well, if the readers say “sit down and shut up” I will then.


O.K. then.

So, what were we talking about?  Being overwhelmed?  

For starters, I have officially broken all of my New Year’s resolutions as of this past week.  The last straw was going to the fabric store.  All of the others were broken almost within the first week.  So, the list of what I am trying not to do for the new year has to be revised.  

So, 1. Broken commitments (even if they are to yourself) are stressful.  What I am trying not to do, has been done.  I guess the best option is to brush off the dust and start a new day.  They were all great ideas; I just need to try them TODAY.

2. Too many outside of the house activities are another one of my problems.  There’s just so many fun things to do!  I need to find a way to pare down and stay home more! When I’m in the house, my kids are happier, the meals get made, things stay picked up, and I feel more organized.  

3. Meal planning needs to happen.  My dear husband just reminded us that for every one minute spent planning, three minutes are gained.  In other words, planning buys time for me! Sometimes I really do not want to take the time and energy to plan a meal–sorry organizing junkie!!  You are always trying to help everyone in this area.  Even when the rest of the day runs amuck, it is so nice to know “dinner is planned!”

4. Rejoicing in all the good that is happening, rather than focus on the negative.  Hey, I made my bed this morning.  That counts, doesn’t it?  I made some bread.  There’s something else.

So, with that, I’m off.

I’m off to be organized… today!


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