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Organized habits for SQUIRRELS

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I want to write about habits that organized people have, but I realize that I fall short of these in so many ways.  So, I think I will just keep it real, cuz that’s what I do.  I am a squirrel–probably more like a squirrel in rehab–and every shiny thing delights me.  Every sale calls me.  Every clear space begs for a project.  Every open time slot calls for an activity.  And every person’s story is so amazing. So, let’s just start somewhere.  If you are a non-squirrel, you probably have wondered why people even read my blog, let alone follow this crazy advice.  I get it. This isn’t for you.  You are too advanced for people like us.  That’s O.K.

But for the rest of us, I’m going to make this very simple: ONE organizing habit at a time. I know that if I space them out AND couch them with funny stories on either end, some of you squirrels will listen.  Some of you will actually “detox” a little.  But don’t get too worried.  We’re going to do this together.  We really are.  After all, this is why I went back to writing.

I realized that even though I am a woefully imperfect, slightly ADHD, sleep-a lot squirrel, I was actually able to help someone.  My friend Sarah needed some help.  The short of the story is this: I was able to help her, even though I was WAY far away mentally and emotionally from her situation.  The little spark that makes it possible to help someone is actually what fuels this blog.

As far as I know, I don’t think I’m in this for the money or fame.  If I were,  those two items are very slow in forthcoming.   It’s just as well.. I’m distracted enough!!

But.. as I think of them, I’ll write an organizing habit down, and I promise you–it will be something you CAN do. It won’t be like–tear apart this entire room and remove half of everything you own and then …. no, not like that.

In fact, I will just start with one.

Think about this: What is my morning routine?

That’s it.  Just observe what you do in the mornings.  Don’t make any judgement on it, just make an observation. Write it down.

That’s it. No changing. Just observe.

Ready: Go!

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