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Organizing for a friend..

A friend had been asking me to help her organize for about a year. It has actually taken us that long to coordinate schedules, and they finally meshed last Friday.

At first I thought she was just being kind and honoring my “organizing hobby”. After all, this family (from all practical appearances) has IT all together.

Whatever IT is, it’s impossible to anyone to be completely organized in everything. We all need help in some way or another. As IT was, I had unbelief that this woman (who everyone I know looks up to) really needed help. But she kept asking and persisting.. so I went.

It takes a lot of trust to have someone in your home, helping you. I admire the humility of anyone who can get help when needed–in any area of their lives. We are all wired differently, and trouble spots show up in the weirdest areas.

I will say this. Some people who can find almost anything for anyone live with piles of clutter and old stuff. They are THAT with-it. If I do not have a completely cleared off surface, I can’t even think. And even then, it’s a lot of work!

Without giving a lot of details about her organizing adventure, I’m just going to share with you some of the questions I asked her. Let’s see if they help some of you out there.

First, I asked her: What are the main areas of interest in your life? Family? local church? hobbies, business? etc?

Then, I asked her: How does your brain work? (She made it very easy for me! She said: COLOR)

O.K. then: What color do you associate with each of the main areas? For example: Green for Bills/ finances or ORANGE for crafts.. (You get the idea)

And then we set out to remove items and papers associated with these main areas that were non-active. We placed a color word (later to be replaced by a nice big colored paper) on a large bin. Each bin gets a number. So, for example we had (BROWN 1). Brown is a color she associated with family history. So, on a separate piece of paper, I wrote BROWN 1 and listed the items that she placed in the box.

When we were done, we had all of BROWN 1 organized, labeled and cataloged. Easy Peasy.

Is she done yet? No, but she has a great start!

And I learned this. Even amazing people need to get rid of their clutter, and then they can be even more amazing.

This is what I tackled this week. I’m linking up to Tackle it Tuesday at 5mfm.

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