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Organizing for the high-brow types..

Present perfect progressive.. that’s the verb tense I’m looking for.  If I could express organizing and the process of getting organized, it would be expressed as something like this:

While I was in the process of organizing, I remained organized.

While I continued organizing, I realized that I stayed organized.  

I was asked a simple question from one of my high-brow readers, Kathy of Bonavita.  Really, it was a simple question.

“How long did it take you to transform your house?”  It’s a logical question–pretty straight-forward.  The answer is not.  The project is the illustrious craft room, which I already posted here: it is also my entry for the de-clutter challenge for the week

That project, for example, has been an on-going, never-ending project.  

While I attempted to untangle the mess of what to do in that space, I continually changed my mind, moved things around, got rid of things.. and organized it.  

Does anyone transform a house? We have to live in it, you know.  If I were to stop organizing the space of my house, it would probably mean that 

1. Somehow we’ve reached an equilibrium of movement of things, people and events.  (This will never happen)

2. I’m too sick/ or someone else is sick, and we can’t keep up with it.. like my high-risk pregnancy three years ago.

3. Or I sell everything and move into a hotel.  

As you can see, that’s not going to happen willy-nilly.  God would have to orchestrate those types of changes.  

So, my only options (in my mind) are to get, stay, remain, continue… organizing.  

Now, when do I decide to reach a “resting place” in the process and post pictures/ etc.??

When the “organizing bird” can rest  in the nest….

1. Is the space used for it’s most effective CURRENT purpose?  (these change all the time)

2. Are the items used MOST often in the MOST easily accessible space?

3.  Are the items that are truly JUNK removed? disposed of? 

4. Is it visually appealing to the eye?  (Yes, I like beauty and artistic order in my home)

5. Is the space labeled/ marked for easy upkeep of the current system? 

There, now the bird can fly somewhere else in the house.  


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