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Organizing habits for Squirrels #2

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

So, last week I challenged everyone to take a hard look at what happens to them in the morning.  I didn’t say take a “critical look”–just a look at what happens to you every day in the morning.

So, I did this also.

As it turns out–

I get up at a different time every day.

Whatever time I get up, I always sit and have my coffee and read my Bible for anywhere to 15-45 minutes.

I usually don’t eat until I’ve been up for almost two hours.

I make my bed and get dressed after that.

If it is a work day or a day that I have to leave the house, I don’t generally clean up the house too much before I have to go, except to prep the next meal.

If it is a home day, I usually blitz for an hour and end up talking to my mom on the phone.

End of story.

All of this to say– wow! I am a true squirrel!!  I really do not fall into a routine that is based on “time”.  And at first, I was really wanting to judge myself for this.  Organized people get up at (some crazy early hour) every day.. and do these things every day… blah blah blah..

But I realized this.  What IS working?  A Lot!  I am a totally functional human being even though I don’t fit the pattern of what other people think of as “organized”.

Do you fit the traditional organized model?  Great! Keep at it.  Are you a Squirrel.. trying to figure this thing out every single day?

One thing that has freed me up a lot is just to have a “Morning Responsibilities” List.  It isn’t attached to any time on the clock, but it makes sure I get everything done.

I can get up anywhere from 6:00 a.m. to noon and still manage to do this list.

So, here are some of the things I try to get done before lunch:

Read the Bible/ prayer/ meditation Make bed Get dressed Prep for dinner (start crockpot/ soak beans etc.) check calendar 10 minute pick up

That’s it!

So, after contemplating these things for a few days, there’s a few things that I would like to change about my habits.  Getting on the computer and doing email/ social media/ etc. before lunch is probably just a waste of my time.  Adding a short exercise routine to my morning list would really benefit me.  So,  I am going to add 15 minutes of wake up exercises after Bible reading.

How about you? Can you list a couple of things you do consistently every day? What responsibilities do you actually have? Were there things that you were doing that were unnecessary that could potentially wait until after lunch to make the morning go smoother?  Are there things you would like to add to the list? Is there just ONE change that you would like to make?

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