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Organizing "love language" for little ones…

It’s Thursday evening, and we’re all tuckered out.  Today we did our normal Thursday activities: laundry and bread baking as well as some washing and organizing!

Sudsy bubbles..

A hose.. can you guess?

not the car! 

We tackled the spider infested, dusty screens!

  My helper and I scrubbed 12 screens–all of the upstairs ones.  It’s a seasonal chore, and we had a beautiful fall day for it.  

This scene (below)  was getting to me.  Do you know what this is?  This is my youngest child’s clothing buckets.  It sits in the hallway, which is the only place that seems logical right now.  I am having a little trouble keeping it looking neat.

So, I dumped all of her clothes on to my bed and started sorting them.  It was a good time to sort the summer stuff also! 

After I sorted them, I returned them to their buckets, but I came up with a new way to label the containers.  

Each bucket/ bin has a picture of what goes inside of it.

(Click on the picture and see a larger version)

 The labels were shots like these: 

and this: 

In this way, my Princess E (a non-reader) can “read” and know where everything is supposed to go.  Now the real challenge: getting her to not create a mess while she’s looking for the perfect outfit!  


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