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Organizing thought for the week: set limits

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

In our buy-a-lotta-stuff society, it is contrary to set limits on how much we collect merely for the principle of having less.

So, this week, I am inspired by this article: Limit the File Storage by Small Notebook.

Her blog is great, writing style awesome, and self control.. well… stellar!!

Here’s what she did.  She has decided that all files worth saving will fit into ONE file box.  ONE.

Pass the smelling salts…  O.K.  I’m up now.  How about you?

For those of us wrestling through years of papers, photos, school projects and art work, this may be a high goal to start out with.

But what if we each set a limit on something?

Like…  I’ll only have as many clothes as can fit in “this” space?

or I’ll only have as many cookbooks as I can fit on “this” shelf?

or the amount of toys my kids can have need to fit “right here”?

Or whatever your weakness is..  collecting tupperwear? stocking up on art supplies?  too many books?  too many winter hats?  balls of yarn?  what?

Just a thought.  

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