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Pine needles, crumbs and legos

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

After our big party last night, I was dead-dog tired, out-cold, catching flies until waaaaaaay later than I normally sleep– this morning.  But when I woke up, Emily was dressed and pipping around here with plans already brimming in her mind on how to improve the state of the world– or at least the state of our empty tree.

Her plans to make salt-dough ornaments were postponed (thankfully) when her oldest brother decided it was going to be their day to have a shopping trip together and lunch out.  Yes, child 1 and 5 have a special bond.  Oldest brother is planning to buy his first car, and I’m sure the expertise of a nine year old is needed for that job. So, they left, along with oldest daughter for her new job–sewing for a lady who has an alteration shop out of her home.

So,  I was left alone with just the “little boys” who were busy milling about, but not really requiring anything of me at the moment.

So, I got out the broom.

There’s something quietly nostalgic, comforting, and reflective about putzing around, cleaning up after guests have left.

I think about each guest, how they felt, what they said or didn’t say, whether they appeared to be enjoying themselves or not, and how my own family perceived the situation.  I wonder if anyone felt left out.  I wonder if the new guests felt welcomed.  I wonder if they would perceive this space as a Christian home–where love is shown and received?

And I sweep up a few pine needles.  One of our surrogate “sons” organized a tree gathering event and even purchased the tree!  And I think– how blessed are we to be in the ministry of having so many that are not even our real sons–who feel comfortable in our home.

And I sweep up a few crumbs.  Now there was food in the living room last night, but these crumbs are from the last minute moving of furniture to fit the tree in.  And I think of a young woman in our lives who is friends with all of our kids, probably closest to Joanna and Hudson.  And how I just asked her to help find a place for all of the furniture, and she didn’t bat an eyelash–just got in there and helped.

And I even swept up a few legos.  The legos have lain dormant for a few months, but all of the moving of furniture brought them out again.  But the legos remind me of all of the games and fun activities that the kids do when new and old friends get together.  We had two new-to-us people in our home last night, which the “kids” felt comfortable bringing over–giving them a “taste” of Christianity, without overwhelming them with a big sermon and a big theological discussion.

Theology is caught more than taught in most settings.  We live out what we believe, and what we believe matters.  And on some days, the only evidence is pine needles, crumbs and legos.  But what goes into that is so much more..  so much more.  Take a minute to embrace it.

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