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Pioneer Days:making new friends

Apparently, life isn’t hard enough for these folks, so they need to go all out and dress up in period outfits and cook with period foods in old fashioned ways. The good part is that they let us taste what they are making: like this homemade apple butter: yum! (beautiful color, too)

And to think that Bear did not want to go to Pioneer Days. I told him that if he did not come with us, he was going to have to stay home and take a nap. He said, “Yes, Mrs. Webber” which is also what he said to me when he was being naughty and I scolded him a few times.

You see, Bear had a 5th grade teacher at his school for the Blind that was named “Mrs. Webber”. Apparently, there is more than a name in common with this lady. Bear lived at the school full time, since his family left him there at a young age. He has no regrets; it seems. He loved his school and his teachers, even the ones that spanked him.

Now yesterday when they called on Bear to sing a solo at chapel yesterday, he said, “Mrs. Webber said I had to sing, and she even told me what I was singing. And you just don’t cross her..” And everyone in the chapel started laughing.

So, he sang “Jehovah Tsidkenu” and we all loved it. Thanks Bear for coming and blessing us. And thank you Sam. I’m so glad you could take time out from your busy scouting schedule to bless us with your stories and friendship.

Makes me wonder why some of us are so set to live in this century?



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