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Plaid fabric corsages

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This was a very fun and easy craft that was inspired by the most recent Land’s End catalog.  They call it a “tartan flower pin” and it goes for $19.50.  Check out the link if you think I’m kidding. 

The styles they were showing with the pins were very cute also.  If you want to see cute examples of how to wear the pins, check out the catalog labeled: Read any Good looks lately?   Darling styles.  Cute, classy, conservative–chic.  

So, not to be outdone by the Land’s End catalog, last Sunday my friend, Shannen and I indulged in a little craft making adventure.  

The procedure is simple.  Take some of that plaid wool that you have laying around.  What??  Your tartans are not stocked to the brim??  It must have been a bad garage sale year for you, eh?  In the fall, I seem to live to sew with tartans.  Borderline obsession–but then again–everything in my life is..  

So you need to cut four concentric circles, each one slightly smaller than the first.  With these, you make petal shapes around the exterior, preferably with pinking shears.   Sew through all the layers with a hand sewn gathering stitch.  This will make them puff up more and add just enough volume.  Optional: secure with a button in the center if desired.  Fray the edges if desired.  Complete the pin by securing a safety pin to the back.  

 Notice the look–no excessive jewelry for this.  Green plaid skirt/ simple white button-down.  The catalog shows a long, belted cardigan also.

I couldn’t resist not throwing together a hat and scarf–just for kicks.  The little tartan flower attached to the side of the hat for this one.  The scarf was a black sweater (merino/ mohair mix) from my summer finds.  Basically, to make a ridgy-looking scarf, start with a large circle of fabric and cut a strip 4″ wide, forming a continuous loop until you get the center of the circle.  You’ll end up with one long fabric strip with all of the bias edges wobbly. 

 Thanks to my darling daughter, Joanna who not only took but edited these photos.  She’s been doing more senior portraits on her blog.  I love the classy and sophisticated look of Natalie.

She just took her ACT today.  Is it a sin to pray that she gets a 30???  Just sayin’  Whatever she gets, we’ll be thankful and happy for her. 

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