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Poking at Poker

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

When you think of “poker”, what do you think about?

I’m trying to sort this out in my mind, so bear with me here.

I get this image in my mind of a smoky bar, and people crouched over a table, whiskeys in hand served by a gal named Dinah.

The reason I’m asking is because not one but two reputable Christians that I know not only admit to playing but actually say they enjoy playing poker and allow their children to play with them.

Why does this not settle with me? Is Poker a card game like any other card game? Or is it instinctively more addictive? If you are playing a game for fun (and not for gambling) is it wrong?

I’m not an avid card player. For the most part, I think they are a waste of time. But I have not thought of all cards as any worse than let’s say… playing monopoly.

Or is it my reputation that I’m worried about?

I can see it now.. Joanna has just started a courtship with some fabulous fella from some fabulous family. And they ask her,

“So, what does your family enjoy doing together?”

“Oh, we love to play poker!”

Start the smoky bar images in their minds. They now imagine Joanna’s mother and how she must look. Big blonde hair, too tight jeans, bulging cleavage, holding a whiskey. Name is Trixie.

Yeah. You see? It’s just not what I want to happen, OK?

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