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Procrastination 101

All the things I love to do before I do what I have to do:

1. Check email

2. Facebook

3. check blog comments

4. post a new post (that’s what I’m doing now)

(non computer stuff)

5. Eat something

6. make a phone call

7. organize something

8.  knit

9. deal with my hair

10. take a walk outside

There!  Admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it.  What is it that I SHOULD be doing?  Lesson Planning.  I have given myself 7 more minutes to goof around before I lesson plan.  

By the way, have you noticed that as SOON as you do the HARD thing on the list that everything else is sooooooo much easier?  Eat the big frog first.  Do ‘er; getter done.  Get at ’em! Go go go..    (I think it’s working)  I’m starting to motivate myself.  Now I’m doing jumping jacks and ham curls.  Can you feel the energy?  Alright then.  I have to go.. and talk on the phone… I mean Lesson plan!



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