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Quirky things about me.

I was tagged by Pursuing Titus 2 and group tagged by someone else.  I wrote a post that sounded.. ugh.. I mean UGH.  Have you ever done that? It sounded so UGH that I didn’t even have it up for 24 hours and I deleted it.  I don’t think I’ve ever deleted a post until then.  So, now I’m all set to try it again.  

Quirky things about me:

1. My hands have to moving at all times.  The only time they are still is when I’m sleeping.

2. I drink water ALL the time.  It’s like having a security blanket for me.  I run around the house saying, “Where’s my water bottle?” almost all day.  I leave it in strange places like on top of the dryer.

3. I love cleaning out the dryer lint.  As soon as the buzzer goes off, I rush in there and clear the lint.  It’s weird, I know.  (you asked for quirky)

4. I seem to have a hard time putting away the laundry unless I’m talking on the phone at the same time.  My excuse for not getting the laundry put away last week was, “But Tammy was too busy to talk!”  (my Thursday friend) 

5. I’m not a morning-person.  Don’t call too early; I’ll be a grump.

6. I love cleaning out my kids’ ears.  (O.K. that may be more info than you wanted) It makes me feel like I’m REALLY taking care of them when I can chase the ear wax out.  O.C.D.??  

That’s just boring-quirky little me.  


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