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Real life–better than fiction

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

 Even I wish I could be a bug on my own ceiling.  A very small bug with a replay camera–just like they do in the football games.  And we can say “What just happened???” again and again.

Like last night.

It was a busy day and I hadn’t had a chance to even talk to my husband about the daily stuff.  And all I really wanted to do was tell him how much I liked his sermon that day and how it impacted my life. Straight-forward enough, eh?

So, we’re both getting ready for bed. In order to make room for him in the bathroom, I decided to floss my teeth outside of the bathroom.  Actually, I was lying on the bed, flossing my teeth.  It’s a crazy habit that I’ve passed down to my daughter.  We brush and/ or floss our teeth while doing a number of other things.  Standing there, watching myself in the mirror seems strange to me.  But I digress..

So, I managed to get the words out.. “Hey.. about that sermon..”  And he is hanging up some clothes in his closet.. not facing me at the time..

And my mouth just opened wide enough to get the floss to the back teeth. And from the depths of my soul.. erupts this large, earth-shattering belch. I think the noise of it reverberated across the room and back.  He turned quickly to see what the noise was.

But it was too late.  My face was buried in the pillow, laughing hysterically.  And when I tried to catch my breath to explain what was happening, the look on his face (of complete exasperation) sent me into peals of laughter so much so that there was noise heard from the south end as well.

I think I saw him exit into the bathroom.  And I just continued my hysterics for the next four or five minutes.

When my husband arrived back in the room, I was able to catch my breath and reminded him that it was cold and I needed to be cuddled.  I’m sure, at this point, he was doing the mathematical equations to asses the risk factor of such a proposition.  But he was too tired and too kind to not warm me up.

That my friends is love, pure agape love.

And after all that– who needs a sermon.  Some of us–just live it out.

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