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Recipes & Crafts

Recipes that I have made up or adapted

beans and rice

Blueberry buffalo

Calico Beans

Chicken packets

chicken pot pie

clean out the fridge soup Two easy desserts

Date cookies

Fire roasted red peppers


Greek Yogurt

Green smoothies Lentils and Rice


Peppery Potatoes


Potato rolls

Potatoes (smashed fingerlings)

Pumpkin donuts

Roasted root vegetables

Rotini Sausage mix

Sand-art brownies (I did not make this up)

Scones: (spelt/oat with mix)

Spray and Wash (this is from the original Tightwad Gazette)

Spinach smoothies

Swamp dish (green macaroni)


rug hooking/ fall design

Felted leaf scarf

A pink sweater re-make

tutorial: making slippers from a sweater sleeve

bag with butterflies/ frog and mittens

bag: messenger/ with floral design

children’s bathrobe

craft/knitting needle organizer

cup holder (keeping cups organized)

hat (scrappy tam)

knitted sweater (purple)

mittens out of recycled sweaters

quilted wallet

quilted wallet part 2

reupholstering a chair

sand-art brownies

slippers made from felted sweaters

travel game for kids

woven rug with a remembrance

orange sweater, fabric art and one sock

blue shirt dress

Recipes that I like that I did not make up but I make often:

Martha’s mac and cheese

Martha’s fried chicken

Indian collard greens (DAL)

Thai: panang curry

All Thai recipes

5 minute artisan bread

garlic hummus (Karen Hurd)

mock mashed potatoes (Karen Hurd)

Wolfgang puck pizza crust

and pesto

pineapple fried rice

ritz chicken casserole

tomato pie (gooey pizza)

pumpkin butter ( I used apple cider/ not juice for this recipe)

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