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Today I’m deciding to participate in a celebration of loyal commenters.  Comments.. don’t they make you feel good?  Thanks Shana, for commenting so much! 

Shana for that which matters

She posts menus, fun ideas, and thoughts about life.  She’s thinking about going for the 30 meals in a month?  Should she do it?  

Speaking of meals, I actually cooked yesterday, without much fanfare or disaster.  And the dishwasher IS fixed.  After spreading out the dishwasher all over the kitchen and reassembling it, my DH says, “That was close! We almost had to have a service call!”  Yeah.. like everyone else’s husband who is NOT an engineer WOULD  have made a service call.  I’m guessing the fuse cost about $9.00 or so.  Gotta love ’em, those engineer type of husbands.  What they lack in social skills, they definitely make up for in… everything else!!  Some are even cute, like mine for example.  

So where was I again?  Oh, cooking.  O.K. It is really need to get a menu going again.  Right now, I’m all confused about food.  Are we supposed to eat highly saturated fats or not? And what is this about soaking grains? Did I fall asleep somewhere in the kitchen? (it’s that demon again)..  I need to go back to using recipes also.  Here’s what I have discovered.. are you ready for this?  This is profound, so get out your pencils…

When you don’t use a recipe, the food only turns out as well as your mood.   

So, it can be too salty, too sweet or too.. barfy? depending on the mood.  That does it.  I’m using recipes again.  


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