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Schitzophrenic facebook

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If I were to describe my relationship with social media it would rate somewhere between schizophrenia and turrets.  And I hear that it’s actually designed to be that way.  Somewhere deep in cyberspace, there is a martian or some form of communist that is secretly taking over all of the civilized world by sucking our brains out one click at a time.  And I drink the kool-aid just like the rest of you, hoping that the “next” time I go offline it will be for real.

So, I’ve researched this.  There’s actual people who have weaned themselves off of social media by literally unfriending everyone, even their husband.  They have a FB account but it can only receive messages from non-friends because no one is a friend.  How cool is that?  Their need for FB is an every so often thing, not fueled by obsessive compulsive desires to be online “all the time”..

No more impulsive responding to posts when you should be in bed, cuz there aren’t any posts.  You aren’t putting anything exciting up for other people to respond to either, so there’s no checking to see if “anyone cares”.. Good grief.  No one cares enough to feed our egos “enough” for the lust that Facebook creates in all of us.

Step back for a minute and think about who your “real” friends are.  Do they know how to get a hold of you? Yes.  Because back in the old days of like.. 2005 or so, that’s all we had was a phone or sometimes people met and talked to each other in real life.  crazy, I know.

So, yes, I want friends.. a lot of them… but I want them to be real people with real lives.  I actually like people. But I like my downtime also.

So, now that I have just now created a “page” for my blog on Facebook,  I will get a lot more people to read my blog than when I didn’t have a “page”.  And why is it even important one way or the other?  Not sure.  Exactly 11 page views on my previous post when I did not “post” it.  Prior to that, 232 views when I posted a link on fb.  Big difference.

And somehow seeing that little “232 page views” clicks a little internal endorphin button from within more than an 11.  But really? It shouldn’t matter one way or the other.  No one is paying for this.  I’m not vying for fans or a role in a TV show or something.  I’m just sitting here in my $35.00 second hand recliner with my trusty mac, pontificating eloquently about life and sewage.

If you missed it, my life is flooded with blessings and the byproducts therewith.  Here was my last post: No more potty prayers.  And there’s like a million before that which are equally disturbing. Enjoy!

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