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Sense and Sensibility…

Humph..  Here’s a little fun for you.. “His imprudence had made her miserable for a while; but it seemed to have deprived himself of all chance of ever being otherwise.  She might in time regain tranquility, but he, what had he to look forward to?” (chap 33)  

translation: He dumped her, and she’ll get over it.  What is he going to do now? 

I love 19th century literature; it only requires 50 or so words to say what we might say in 10? Neverthless, it IS fascinating: the interwoven plots, the timing of coincidences, the toil and anguish of the suffering, and the pure, unadulterated elation in which young hearts dream.  It really is a different world.  

So, needless to say, there hasn’t been a lot of housework getting done by me.  My kids… now that’s a different story.  Erudite daughter and futurelawyer are busy painting his new room.  We had a snow day today, so our regular Tuesday madness–co-op classes and such were cancelled.  Robotdude is better and catching up with scads of trig and biology.  The rest are painting.  I’m winning the lazy mom award.  Such is life!   


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