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Sewing maniac..

But then….

My Mom shows up today, and says, “I saw this book and thought of you…”

Me: “Did you know how much I wanted that?”

Mom: “No. I just thought you would enjoy making those slippers..”

Me: “Yeah!! Thanks! MOM!!” (I’m a 40 year old sixth grader who is jumping up and down, at this moment!)

How is that Moms know exactly what you will like, even when they claim they have never knew! ?

Either way– I think they think they forget what we tell them, and then it sits in their subliminal mind for a while, and then they “get a great idea”.

And I’m not arguing at all about her “great Idea”.. In fact, if I weren’t so set on finishing up a bunch of projects, I’d jump right in and make something.

If you would like to read the author’s blog: Betz White. She’s quite the sewing woman.


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