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She came back!!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Even I am surprised at this one. Remember last week, when I so adeptly inserted my foot in my mouth by calling a new pilates student weak and skinny?

Well, she came back!! She was in the front row, even. Thank you, Lord. She was working so hard!! I found out that she’s a 21 year old co-op. She’s probably used to corporate abuse and being pushed around. Still… I don’t like to be rude! I told her that I prefer wearing peppermint socks, since I have to stick them in my mouth so much!

And here’s something else that happened today. It’s somewhat noteworthy.

So, I’m in the thrift store called “Share Stuff” (For the Rockford locals, they are having a 30% off sale on ALL clothing, and if you spend $25.00, you get a $10.00 gift card!).

Anyway, I was in the Share Stuff thrift store, and I decided to look in the men’s department for some pants for my husband. They always label the waist size “34” but you have to hunt to find the length. A woman was looking in the 34’s also, and she told me she was looking for jeans.

Me: “Oh, I always end up buying my husband jeans in the retail store”

her: “Oh, where’s that?”

Me: (trying to be gracious) “The retail store? You know, any store that is not a thrift store is a retail store..”

her: “So, where is it? I mean, I’m new to this area and all”

Me: (perplexed/ embarrassed) “Well, you could find a lot of retail stores at the Cherry Vale mall, I suppose..like Eddie Bauer, for example…” (I’m really not sure where to go with this conversation..)

her: “Oh you mean a REGULAR store!”

Me: “that’s right. Regular.” duh.

At that moment I had this strange thought. Does everybody call retail stores “regular” stores? Am I the only one living in this town who uses words like “retail”?? Perhaps all of my blog readers are scratching their heads right now in perplexation wondering why I have such an odd vocabulary! In fact, you were just waiting for someone to straighten me out.

It’s probably going to take more than just one adjustment to totally straighten me out, but I think we’re heading in the right direction. just saying. retail. harrmph…

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