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I’m sitting here with my Mom after a hard day of garage-sale shopping.  She is feverishly planning out my lesson plans for the next year.  I just needed a little help this year with getting my head on straight. Yes, I have been homeschooling for 12 years.. yes, I have always done my own planning.  This year?  I need a fresh lease on life or something.  So, I’ll be reporting in every so often about the progress.  So far, she hasn’t uttered too many groans.  (She claims to be enjoying this!)

Dad (Grandpa)  and the kids are chowing down on popcorn in the livingroom.  We were able to capture some photos of our loot before everything got put away.  

Dad and his loot…  the jacket was $1.00.  Even though it was in the 80’s, I made him put it on.  The mirrors: $.25 each/  helmet: $2.00/ CD: $1.00 and tool: $1.00

You big spender! $6.00 total!

I ended up spending more than Dad–big surprise! 

funky metal bowl: $1.00/ quilt thingy: $4.00

Old fashioned “pram” for dolls.. $10.00   Princess  E loves it!  I was going to try and sell it on ebay.. but no luck! I think it’s going to be a permanent fixture in our home.

My new T-shirt!!  $1.00  

Emile, Thomas tub toys, books $1.00 total.

Fancy dish thingy.. $4.00

stylish bottles.. $5.00

Why is it that I think the WHOLE WORLD needs to know OR is even interested in my JUNK and HOW much I paid for it???  If you think this is dumb, sorry.  If you like it, are you weird? .. why is it that I think it’s interesting??  

#greatfinds #tightwading

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