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Singing in the home


So, what makes my home sing?  Well, I like to sing.  I really do.  I may not be this gal: 

but she is such an inspiration, don’t you think?  

She is described as a “church worker” from “the village” before she got famous overnight on Britain’s got Talent, reality show.  She’s so cute.  

I think what makes our home sing is just the ability to rejoice in super small things.  When I get all wrapped around the axle over stuff.. just stuff.. that won’t matter too much down the road in a couple of years.. and then I wonder..

What was it that kept this little church worker (Susan Boyle) singing.. ?  Did she even sing in her church or was she just filing papers or something?  Maybe she was singing to the Lord all those years while answering the phone or cleaning the toilets?    I hope I can just keep singing to the Lord too… little organizing mommy who writes about how much fun it is to do one hour’s worth of housework??  or make green pasta  or laugh at the most recent new best friend incident?  

Yes, I think I can.  I can keep singing.. here in my little world.  Read more singing homes at Moms the Word.


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