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Small fish

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

You know the feeling you get when you finally get the kitchen sink clean? About once a week, I blitz the kitchen. I kick out all of the humans from my “work space” and I get organized. Yes, I set the timer, and meet goals–high goals–like “put dishes in dishwasher” and “sweep floor”.

And the timer rings, and I am suddenly a “big fish” in my small pond. And let’s face it. Being a big fish in the home is huge. And we all know that’s an illusion. No sooner have we reached big fish-dom, and the next meal needs to be made, a spill needs to be cleaned up or a child has pooped on the carpeting.. or whatever. But for that moment, that little moment in time, you are a big fish.

But lately, my pond has gotten bigger. We’ve been out of the house more–interacting with even more outsiders. I’ve been pushing my fitness level more, adding new workouts here and there. Today, I took advantage of a friend’s offer to take a pilates class at a local health club.

“Small fish” I told myself as I drove there. At the Y, I’m a medium sized fish, being one of the only pilates teachers to have the certifications that I have. But at this health club, everybody is: fit, healthy, strong, thin, and qualified. And yet, if I want to get better, I need to push myself and train with the big fish.

Do you guys do that? Do you push yourselves to be with those who are a lot better than you.. whether it’s homeschooling, homemaking, fitness, or ?? It’s hard to be around the experts and relax and be the beginner for a while.

As I was contemplating my size as a small fish, I remembered the Lord Jesus is the ultimate in small fish, when he came to earth in all humility. He wasn’t a small fish out of circumstances. He did it by choice. That’s a good thought to end on right there. For our sakes, he became poor. That we, through his poverty, might be big, rich fish.

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