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Snow Day Fun! and Whoopie pies..


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We called it a “snow day” but it really was a freezing rain storm in Rockford and surrounding areas.  It was actually really pretty–all the icy branches drooping heavily by their own weight and ice.   Nested in this branch is a nice fat mourning dove.  You know you’re having a low-stress day when big excitement is watching the beautiful cardinals vying for their favorite seeds.  (Aahhh.. relaxing)

Our normal Tuesday are our big homeschool co-op days which have our heads whirling with activities, homework assignments due, finals, lesson plans, coffee mugs, food, and all of us decked out in appropriate school uniform/dress code clothing!  Not that I’m complaining, but it is a huge day!  Having no idea what to do under such lack of stress, we made: whoopie pies!

Here’s our little one practicing “sifting” flour on the counter.  Here’s the final outcome!  

The original recipe is from the Tightwad Gazette.  Gotta love that publication!  

Here are some on-line recipes for Whoopie Pies: here and here.  They don’t seem to have the original tightwad gazette version that I used though.  I guess you’ll have to just order the book.  It’s probably worth a million dollars, and they’re only charging like $22.00 for all three volumes?  yippee… of course, there is the public library, which is my favorite tightwad tool.  

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