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So, am I the last one to KNOW?

My stealthy daughter, Jo, went ahead and entered a writing contest and won.  You can read her entry here.  So, this is how I find out about things–by reading them on her blog.  Families who actually talk are soo passe.  ???  After all, I DO teach writing, and I would like to know if my daughter wins a contest.  Although, I can understand her trepidations.  After the last contest she won, I threatened to tell the local 23 news and submit an article to the Gazette.  

Speaking of blogs, I updated my side-panel a little bit so the good posts are easier to find and read.  I hope that if you are new to my blog and looking for a little bit of encouragement in organizing that you will be able to navigate through things easily.  

I am looking to hire a web designer and go “big time” into the world of blogging without loosing the “small time” touch.  For now, I am thankful to have a blog.  It is a great place to express feelings and ideas, even though they may not be as polished as they could be.  Any great ideas?  What kind of look do you guys like? I like this one: Sandy Toes. It has some class, some style.. some fun. 


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