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So I’m looking into the trash can and..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It’s never the big events that get put on the blog, you know.  Sure, I went to Egypt and almost got “bought” by a 14 year old for about 50,000 camels, but that never gets on the blog.  Sure, I went to Vesuvius and the bus driver sings opera “Falicula” all the way down the mountain.  Sure, I met some terrorists in the airport, and do they make it? no.  I think not. (Well, I was profiling on the last comment, but still…)

What do I write about here anyway? trash.  It’s all about trash today.

We had just finished the last counseling class at Moody today and I was about to throw out my cup of pop in the trash can, and I noticed something.


well, not horns.. antlers.  So, sure enough, I reach my hand in there and grab the antlers.

Now this is where what I do marks a division between what normal people do and what I do.

Would a normal person notice antlers in the trash? Would a normal person reach in and pull them out?

I’ll leave you pondering those questions while I explain the next thing that happened.

Those antlers were attached to a small (16″) ceramic deer.

So, as you can imagine, I have a beady-eyed 12 point buck staring at me right now.  The computer helpdesk fella just stopped in his tracks and wondered if I had brought a pet into the computer lab with me.

I have a friend who has a seizure dog with her at all times.  I feel left out, so I carry a small 12 point buck with me.  It makes me less homesick.  Not that I’m actually homesick.  But if I were homesick, a small deer would be just the thing to console me, wouldn’t it?

Or the sound of a chainsaw.  I love the roar of a good chainsaw.  That also makes me homesick for the U.P.  Sights and smells of home–a waft of freshly cut birch and the vision of woodchips flying in fountain formation.  Doesn’t get any better than that.

So, back to the deer.

As I was hovering over the trashcan, a man walks out of his office and notices me with it.  He told me he was cleaning out his desk and he had that deer for 25 years.  This was his last day at work.  Man, the stories that deer could tell!  I don’t think I’ve had anything for 5 years, except my husband and kids.  O.K. my parents.  But nothing like a ceramic deer.

So, now the deer is going on a new adventure.  First things first.  I need to get this deer out of the building and bring him home to Rockford.  He’ll be sitting amongst the Chinese lanterns that Joanna ordered for her birthday party this weekend.  I’ll be putting post-it notes on his antlers.  I’ll be drying small dish cloths on his back.  I’ll be giving him a new lease of life.  And in the process, entertaining every naive person who reads this blog. 


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