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So this is what I’ve been hiding..

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It’s 1:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  So, I’ve been tickled to my toes about all the God has been doing, and I think I’m ready to share what is going on.

So, let me start by saying this.  As soon as you think you’ve got God’s will all figured out for the rest of your life, think again.  And just because you’ve been doing something the same way for for 14 years does not mean that God won’t call you to do it differently on year 15.

So, what am I talking about? I am talking about educating my children.  I think you all know that I love teaching my children.  I’ve taught my kids all by myself.  I’ve combined my kids with other people’s kids for a school at home option.  I’ve taught other people’s kids in a co-op setting, and I’ve had my own children taught by other people in a co-op.  So, I’ve run the gamut of homeschooling venues.

But a few weeks ago, a small booth at the Winnebago County Fair caught my attention.  For some odd reason I was drawn to check out:  Regents Christian Academy.  When I stopped at the booth, I politely told them I homeschooled.

Anyway, have you ever tried to dismiss something and have it come popping back into your life?  This is the way I felt about this Regents school.  I even prayed that the Lord would get it out of my head.  Why am I always thinking about this school??   As soon as I prayed, the Lord had the pamphlet show up unexpectedly as I was cleaning up the room.

As I thought about this, I was reminded about Emily and how little school she was getting and how much she would probably thrive in an environment like this.  I even brought it up to my dear husband, whom I thought would instantly tell me it was a bad idea.  And then I could just forget about it.

He actually thought it sounded like a plausible idea and suggested I get some information on the whole thing.  So, I made a phone call and set up an appointment.

Here’s what happened next.  I found out that this school is probably 2 miles from my house.  I found out that it is essentially a parent-run school with very small class sizes. (plus. plus. plus!)

The theology of the school couldn’t possibly be more biblical and practical.  Even though the school is incredibly small, they are trying really hard to meet all of the academic requirements of an accredited high school.  (Since the school is very new, I am assuming they are not accredited yet?)

Instead of wriggling out of this, I was easing into it–including the part that I haven’t mentioned yet–teaching language arts for 2 hours/ 3 days a week.

After many confirmations from the Lord and specific answered prayers on several levels.. (I can’t go into the details of what I asked God to do to confirm this for me, but they are very unusual, specific things) both Emily and I will be enjoying Regents Christian Academy this year.

My other three children will continue to be homeschooled and enjoy their various academic pursuits here and through our homeschool co-op.

So, our adventure is starting! So, I have dropped various activities just to make this transition.  My husband is very supportive of this also.  We are so excited for Emily who is just bursting at the seams ready to start.

For those of you who are greatly disappointed in us, I have no apologies.  We are following the Lord and his leading.  We take each one of our children as a gift from God and specifically asked the question, “What is best for THIS child, Lord?”  And putting my reputation as a homeschool-mommy enthusiast on the line is actually a very humbling thing for me to be going through right now.  I was very concerned about how the other moms would take this news, and I have been pleasantly surprised at how supportive everyone has been.

So, for us, it boiled down to this idea: Do we worship home schooling? or Do we worship the Lord?

I can hardly describe the peace I am experiencing right now.  It’s so last minute, and yet the timing seems so right.  So, I hope you will rejoice with us in this endeavor.  Thank you so much for praying.

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