• Jena

So why is my underwear binding anyway?

So, I’m a little uptight, high strung, type A, whatever you want to call it.. and yes, I think, at times, my underwear binds.  

I’ve come to the strange realization that everyone who has these tendencies (including myself) can’t seem to come to grips with the facts that others, particularly the children of aforementioned  individual, are not really interested in becoming their mother.  They, in fact, want to be themselves.  

Not my children, mind you.  nooooooooo.  

Someone else’s children.  Someone else’s children really do not get uptight when homework is late or not turned in at all.  Nor do they seem to get nervous when they may fail British Lit and not be able to register for classes for their senior year of high school.  After all, these sorts of people get into college based on their good looks, right?  Or perhaps their are specific colleges for people who do not wear tight underwear?  The boxer-shorts college of underachievers.  Come here where everybody’s homework is great, even if it’s late.  

Good.  I’m hoping that the recruiter for boxer shorts colleges of underachievers will saunter up to my door and hand us an application because no one around here is too uptight about it either way.  


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