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Spontaneous Singing…you gotta love it.

As some of you may know, I am a spontaneous singer.  I break out into song.. pretty much anywhere.  Today in Aldi, for example, I was singing along.  I got a few people to hum with me in the cheese aisle, right near the provolone.  It was a beautiful thing.

Even though my tastes are far more conservative than the fellas below, I would have loved to have been on that subway that day.  If they are in heaven, I’m going to look them up.  

Enjoy.  Oh, and thanks for the great comments on my last post: linky love.  There are so many newbies out there, that we have to review the basics here and there.  I got this great idea from my son, Robotdude.  He knows how I love spontaneous singing. Incidentally, that great homeschool video was originally in Amy’s Humble Musings’: De-Li-cious Links.  You actually have to get her RSS feeds if you want those links.  She does have a lot of good stuff, though.

Happy singing… 


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