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Summer closure..2013

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

I can hardly believe we are into fall already.  Judging by the lack of blogging I did this summer, you probably figured out that life was busy and fun.  Since some of you know our family personally, I thought I’d give the scoop on what the troops are doing.  

And fair warning– braggy mother post to follow.  SERIOUS braggy mommy post.   Discontinue reading if that makes you nauseated. If you barf, I’m not cleaning your computer.  just ‘sayin.

Sometimes I can handle braggy mommy posts from other people, but sometimes it gets me feeling all pooped out and inadequate feeling.  Trust me.  I’ve got my share on nonsense going on.  Thankfully, the nonsense starts and ends with me.  The kids?  They are stellar. 🙂  

One thing that makes them stellar is brains.  I think this one, in particular, has a direct link to her father’s brain and common sense.  She’s not getting distracted by that whole boy-love-hoo-ha that normally attacks 19 year olds.  She’s moving forward– with great alacrity…

 This is Jo, doing some teaching for IPS in Colorado Springs (right now!!) as I write.  She looks so official.  I can’t help but doing a happy mommy wiggle.  Oh, yeah..    So, it is an un-paid internship.  But I know it is a blast for her, and did I mention that she’s in Colorado????  Coolness.

And that was just the beginning of the story.  There are four kids in this family that are not ours but are like cousins to our kids.  At this point, I can not remember which ones I actually gave birth to.  It was taken at some point this summer.  But that’s how life has been around here.  People show up, we feed them.  Maybe we snap a few pictures, and then the next group comes.  It’s all fun, but it really is a blurrr…I don’t have a picture of the homeless woman and her son and dog that we took in for a week, but that was also part of the fun this summer.   

But this next pic? 

Niagara Falls, Canada side.  Our oldest son, James, as he is referred to.  Or is it just “Webber”??  Anyway, that guy.. was in New York for the summer doing an internship with computers.  yeah.  He’s smart also, and don’t even ask me what he does.  But he uses words like “elegant” and he’s not talking about fine dining or home decor.

So, a few of us went out east to visit him.  It was great.  One thing I did learn on the trip is this: Canada is a foreign country.  Yes. I know.  And you have to bring passports when you visit a foreign country.  Life is so complicated.  I do not want to go into details because you do not want to know what sort of drama queen I had to become to get myself into a foreign country without a passport.  Let’s just say that the security guards in Port Huron will never be the same again. 

I lived.  So, despite his rough upbringing, James is starting his fourth year at Michigan Technological University in computer science.  My mother tells me he was on the news for 911 coverage, but I haven’t seen it yet.  He was representing the ROTC contingent, and making the family look..  above average.  (another happy mommy wiggle)  (Hey!  I wasn’t kidding about that braggy mommy thing)

And then there’s HUD.  Hud is our senior in high school this year.  He is the one who has changed and developed the most these past couple of years.  He’s gone from a chubby lil 12 year old to a tall, slim, handsome 17 year old overnight.  He’s gone from a mumbling speaker to a polished speech giver.. overnight.  He managed to secure the vote of his peers last spring to be the student council president of our very large and growing co-op, Hallstrom.  It is a huge job with a lot of responsibility and public speaking.  He tried out for drama again and got another big role in the fall play (not the lead, but a decent role) and he’s first chair cello in the RSYO/ and still plays for Measure 5 with the Music Academy of Rockford. He secured first chair at the Superior Strings Alliance Camp also this summer, which was a great time for him and his brother, Than.  He’s also fairly committed to learning Tae Kwon Do through our fitness club.  I need a secretary to keep up with all of his activities.  Pray that he will figure out what school is to attend next year.  a  happy mommy wiggle..  

Nathanael, a.k.a. “Than”(left of Jo for a crazy, 1920’s style photo shoot) continues to be our serious student, bright smiling kid with a great attitude.  How hard he had to work to get himself “not to smile” for this photo is beyond me.  They got a notion and went with it.  So, Than is a sophomore this year.  He has a full load of classes and a busy basketball schedule.  He is playing JV this year and really liking it.  I appreciate that he and Hud get along with each other, but they really have their own interests, their own friends and an autonomy within themselves.  Yes. parenting that way is really inconvenient.  Most people “lump” their homeschooled kids together.  We did a little bit when they were younger, but now as they are developing, we just let them become who they are going to be and try to encourage them in it.  happy mommy wiggles..

One of the kids’ best friends, Sammi is with them on this special picnic.  They are all so cute and have so much fun together!

And a family update would not be complete without mentioning Emily, our youngest.  Emily and I with our Canada t-shirts on..  One dorky thing that I MADE my family do is wear the CANADA T-shirts while we were in Niagara Falls.  Yes, we were dorky to the max.  But Emily is too young to be caught up in dorky.  She still likes to cuddle and read and be goofy.  Emily is on a new adventure this year.  She is back to attending school again–and loves it.  I praise the Lord for her new school: Cathedral Baptist School.  She has school and she is in the play with Hudson.  She desperately wants to join Awana, but I’m not sure how to make that happen.  She loves learning!  We are so proud of her. happy mommy wiggles

Another milestone in our family has happened.  At a certain age, kids start growing up and finding their own friends.  I know.  Crazy, eh?  But it happens, and it is a good, healthy grown-up thing.  So, the daughter and son of this family (above) became friends with our kids.  In fact, they eat over there and watch movies over there and have fun over there.. A LOT.  So, finally the adults are all finding each other.  And guess what?  They’re awesome.  And they’re cute too.  (as you can see)  We had big, fun day at Devil’s Lake together.  We aren’t going to mention how they kicked our butts in mountain climbing.  Let’s just say that I made it out alive, and that’s about as far as we’ll go with that story. 

As usual, summer comes and goes so quickly.  But I am always thankful to be starting a new season.  I love the beginning of the school year–especially the cooler weather.  Remind me to move to a foreign country some day.  At least bring a passport when I do visit them. ugh… 

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