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Summer shots

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

July is speeding by, which is good because I am not overly excited about the heat or humidity that we’ve been having here.  Yesterday, it was over 100 degrees heat index.   It is a good time to get caught up on inside jobs like blogging and putting away laundry.  But notice how I am blogging ?  LOL.

 So, some friends from our Bible study group have a pool and invited us over on the 4th.

 It was a lot of fun!

 Thanks Jody..

And Dave.

 This is the life, hey Emily??

 Another one of the kids adventures was going up north to their friends and working on a movie.  Yes, even Emily (our 6 year old) went (without Mom and Dad) on a visit up north for a week!! This costume was designed and made by her sister, Jo for her role in the movie.

 Here is the full movie cast.  Keep in mind that I have no idea what the script was, the plot, the theme, but I do know this that Joanna made a lot of the costumes and the kids worked on this very hard all week.

 Left to right: Simeon Morell, Samuel M, Nathanael Webber, Emily W, Emily Morell, Josiah M, Hudson W, Kara M, and Joanna W.   (All the kids are either Morells or Webbers)

Kara in front her barn at home.  Love the color of the shirt with the barn in background..

 And there wasn’t just a movie production going on, the kids participated/ helped out  in a vacation Bible school event.  Here is one of the teachers.

Only a homeschool family would have 11 kids in their home for a week, try to make a movie, have a VBS and.. why not put in a hard wood floor during the same week?  You can see why these guys are my best friends.  Insanity loves company, you know?

So, while the youngest four kids were up north, Will, Jamie and I finished painting, gardening, and eating out a lot.  Oh, and I did the job of playing this crazy word game app on the IPOD called “7 Little words”..  crazy addicting.  I made it through the free version, and Jamie sprung for me to get a game for $.99.  That $.99 has lasted me for over a week, so I would say it is a good investment.

Now the kids are back, and they promptly went to work corn detassling.  Got up at 4:00 a.m. and they are in the fields by 5:30.

So, that is what is making my home sing this week!

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