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Tackle in Tuesday.. a lot of stuff

First off, let me say THANK YOU to all of the pumpkin butter recipes you all gave me.  I decided to go with this pumpkin butter recipe from allrecipes.com Thank you, Fairy Flutters for suggesting it.  Here is what it looked like before I canned it.

 The day after I picked up the pumpkins, I noticed this going on..

I was trying to feed them the pumpkin stalks..

and some of the pumpkins that rotted..

They generally do not get so close to our fence line, but today we got the full deal…

Hey, whatcha lookin at me fer, Bob?

My Mom is this AMAZING quilter, and she’s been “giving er” as we say up north.  Can you believe this amazing quilt??

or this one?

up close on the birds..

And this!!  Yes, I’m getting this colorful star quilt.

So, I bought some fabrics to change things up in the bedroom a little..

And here is Mom, doing her Bible study.. looking so unassuming. 


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