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Tackle it Tuesday.. and great finds.

Happy Tuesday!!  It’s a nice, brusk day in Northern Illinois, but I don’t mind the cooler weather at all.  I’m happy for the sunshine.  Jo-with-it took this photo.  She has such a great eye! 

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I don’t have pictures of the laundry, organizing  or housework I did this week.  But I did start cooking a few more veggies when my DH got home from the UAE.  He brought 3 year old princess the cutest little stuffed pink camel.  She carries it around everywhere and calls it “Carla Camel”.  So, what does a busy home-schooling family do when they are officially done with school for the year?  Well, the four olders are  starting blogs–just to document their daily stuff.  The robotdude is hoping for a driver’s license this week.   I’m sure that will get some attention.  

I am taking in a few more exercise classes this week, since it’s a “free” Tuesday.  But I know what you want to hear: the great finds!  O.K. These are top notch get-excited-about finds.

This sweet desk is just perfect for the preschool princess.  She loves it and pretends to do real school here.  Can you guess????   $2.00

This is one of those featherbed mattress covers for a twin sized bed.  Basically new.  $8.00.

(you owe me………….$10.00)

And this is quite the gem also.  It’s upside down in the photo, but it’s a hanging cupboard/shelf with hooks underneath.  It’s in GREAT shape.  $10.00!!  

That really isn’t half the stuff, but I think I’ll stop here.  

#greatfinds #TackleitTuesday

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