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Tackle it Tuesday… crafts!


Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Now here is the beginning of something that I am trying to make for my Mother for Mother’s Day.  I realize this is crazy–trying to post a half finished project, realizing that THIS might actually be the time she actually LOOKS at my blog.  But, here goes.  This first part is a pocket

This next section is for the credit cards.

This is actually the outside. 

Can you guess what it is going to be yet?  

Here’s one I’ve already finished: the quilter’s wallet

The detachable strap is something I added.  This has a lot of mistakes, so I’ll keep this one.  Plus, these are MY colors.  Mom likes the Laurel Burch look.  So, if all of the planets are in alignment and I can replace my iron (which had a heart attack 15 minutes ago)… maybe,  just maybe I can even (for the first time in my life) get a gift to my mother actually on Mother’s Day.  Whew! [Incidentally, that was the worst run-on sentence of my life]  

About the irons.  I plugged in the iron, which was working a half hour earlier, and it didn’t work.  I grabbed the next iron, and it wasn’t working either.  So, I started barking orders to all of the engineers in the family that we blew a fuse.  Robotdude checks every fuse in the house and even appears with a gadget-thingy that tests outlets.  The outlet was working.  No fuse blown.  Could it be that ALL of my irons died simultaneously?!  How weird is that? 

In one sense, I’d like to savor this moment.  For the first time in my married career, I have a legitimate excuse to have a huge pile of un-ironed clothes just sitting there clogging up the hallway.  Deep breath.  

In another sense, I’m feeling compelled to actually go out and buy an iron tomorrow because I really would like to meet my goal of having a mother’s day present for my Mom.  Dilemma … dilemma… I probably need some chocolate in order to decide….Until then, happy Tuesday.  

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