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Tackle it Tuesday.. creating a new space..

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments from yesterday.  I mentioned that I met a really neat lady named Alma.  Alma has this concept called a “sanctuary”.  While I am still trying to learn about and develop that thought, I thought I would show you what I did in my bedroom this week, prior to even having learned about the concept of creating a sanctuary.

I am in the process of changing things in my room, so I finished the valances and put them up. 

I also dyed my sheets to match the color on the valances.  I’m not through with this space yet, but it is getting there.

And here’s something for the procrastination bucket.  CHECK!!  Done!  It’s a small thing, but sometimes those things that “only take a minute” are pushed aside and NEVER done.  You all know how I picked this dresser off the side of the road.  The big task (after getting it home) was for my darling WH to fix EVERY drawer and reinforce everything.  The only thing left was putting knobs on the top two drawers.  Why is it that something so simple as this gets pushed aside and then just causes frustration for everyone?!! 

So, without even leaving the house, the knobs were fixed.  How long did it take? About 10 minutes.  Hud helped me do it.  He was awesome, and now the whole dresser is awesome! 

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