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Tackle it Tuesday.. dying yarn and such..

Here I am.  It’s almost midnight, and I’m so glad I took a nap today.  Occasionally I will feel guilty about napping, but then I realize that I have certain “responsibilities” that I can ONLY do on Monday night.

Exhibit A: a carefree young lady jumping off the swing.

Despite her carefree looks, she has been agonizing over an English assignment all week long.  After begging me to let her quit her English class and moping around all week, she managed to pull off one of the most amazing short stories ever written.  (IMHO)  Yes, she will be mad at me for saying that.  Where does she get this excessive modesty anyway?  (Obviously, her father!)  So, amazing short story 101 did not even get started until 3:00 p.m., which tells you how difficult this was for her.  She’s not one to start assignments at the last minute or complain about them.  So, by the time it was completed (about 9:00 p.m.), she’s too exhausted to type it out, and guess who gets the job?  Of course, I was riveted the whole time, so it made light and fast work for me. 

Exhibit B: Two carefree jumpers staring at the camera  (Hud and Than) 

They also give me a run for my money Monday night when they hand me a load of math sheets that needs to be corrected.  But I digress.  This is actually my segue into one of my tackles.  

Have you ever seen an adult trying to keep up with the kids?  It’s kind of pathetic, but I did it anyway.  In their triathalon training, the kids had to run/walk 2 miles.  And I did it.  I didn’t die either, at least not yet.  But I am still tired.  Thanks pastor Joe for killing us.. I mean training us.  I think I need to call that massage therapy person… Anyhoo, the kids and I trained together, which is kind of a bonding experience– in a warped kind of way.  

Speaking of bonding.  This tackle of sort spans a few weeks here.  

Exhibit C: cloth diapers drying on the lawn? Actually they are just scraps waiting for the dye bucket.

This was my mother’s brain child.  We were going to practice these great dying techniques that she learned from someone in her quilt group.  I think the dye is called: Prempro.  Or is that my mother’s estrogen replacement?  Anyway, that is what she told me.  Who knows what the name really is.  

I chose wool un-dyed yarn for my project.  

I kept each blob attached to the other and dyed the connecting threads with a dark color.  I figured each would sort of have a transition color be the same.  

Here is the final product.  

Kind of pretty but tangled up a little. 

I just finally got them untangled in balls today.  I did end up having to cut a few of the threads, since it did get kind of tangly.  I kind of like untangling yarn, so it was fun.  Sometimes I’ll take a big ball of tangled up yarn with me to untangle when I go places.  It’s a real conversation starter when the first thing I do after I get seated on the airplane is pull out the clumpled up mass of yarn out of my bag and start pulling it apart.  

I know you’ve been reading this post so long that by now you need to get a drink or use the potty, but I do have a funny story that happened once while I was untangling yarn on the airplane.  It was your typical stateside flight, so I knew I only had a few hours to get my yarn ball untangled.  I didn’t want to waste any time, so I got it started even before the customary friendly greetings of my flight-side neighbors.  On this trip, I had purposely asked my family if I could sit alone (with strangers) and just veg.  They were probably happy to get rid of me too.  So, I was working on a pretty wooly green–sort of a moss-colored thing.  The lady sitting next to me was intrigued.  She had a lot to say.  I just kept working.. goal oriented.  Finally, she gave up and ordered a martini.  From here on out, she’ll just be known as the “martini lady”.  The flight attendant came by and asked if I wanted lunch.  I decided that I’d spare myself the $5.00 expense and eat later.  Little did I know, my mother (that generous one) ordered me a lunch–probably tuna.. anyway, I acted all surprised like it was a gift.  Martini lady couldn’t imagine why I would get a free lunch and proceeded to eat mine for me.  Since she had eaten half of it, I gave the rest of it to the little boy sitting between us.  There! Shared evenly.  And I never told her.  And the ball got untangled in time to watch a movie.  

For more tackles, visit: 5 Minutes for Mom.


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