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Lately, it’s been HOT here.  HOT and HUMID, which means I am staying inside a lot.  So, if it seems like every other day I get a HUGE amount done, it is because 1. I’m not homeschooling in the summer, and 2. the price of gas keeps me at home.  So, I sit around and organize and make stuff. 

Like this thing.  What IS it anyway?  It’s just a bunch of pockets, and I made it out of scraps.  The red pieces are from my friend, Dana.  She just picks stuff up at garage sales.  The green piece? Just a chunk of something laying around.  Now, it’s holding a bunch of zippers.  If you missed the post on how to make a super-easy organizer, click here

What else? I organized the front hall closet.  Actually, I don’t like the exercise mat hanging there.  

And these? These are my NEW shoes.  I like them a lot.  I don’t normally post pictures on everything new, even if I do like it.  The reason I have a picture of the shoes is because whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I take a picture of them.  I print it out and laminate it and place it on the box.  Then, I know exactly where the shoes are supposed to go when I take them off!  When I am trying to decide which shoes to wear, I just LOOK at my selection instead of trying to remember what I have.  I only have 13 clear boxes and 3 clear drawers, so it limits how many pairs I collect at any given time. Sounds crazy, but it works! 

Happy housework.  Check out 5 minutes for MOM for more tacklers..

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